About CISC

Mission and History

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) is made up of 30 trade associations, representing associations from all sectors of the construction industry, including commercial building, heavy industrial production, home building, road repair, specialty trade contractors and material suppliers. Workplace safety and health is a priority for all members of the coalition, and each is committed to helping create safer construction jobsites for workers.

The CISC has its roots in a long-standing group of construction industry trade associations who for decades have met to discuss safety and health initiatives in the construction industry. The Construction Association Safety and Health Information Network or “CASHIN” has historically been involved in employee safety and health matters. CASHIN members meet periodically to discuss injury and illness trends in construction, outreach and assistance, and OSHA initiatives that impact the construction industry.

CISC Members

The CISC is comprised of 27 trade associations and represents small, medium, and large contractors; general contractors; subcontractors; union and non-union contractors. Virtually every construction trade, task, and activity is represented by the member associations of the CISC. The members of the CISC are as follows:

AWCI csda CDRA dca
icpiNEW ice LEADING Natural Stone Institute MCAA
NRCA nuca NSC tauc Tile Roofing Institute
Littler partners with the CISC to engage in legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts on issues that impact construction safety. They provide the CISC with unique insights into local, state and federal labor policy developments and work to affect workplace policies throughout the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.